Friday, October 19, 2007

Where one organizationally challenged woman creates

These photos won't get me into any lovely book on where women create, unless it's titled "Where Real Women Create when there studios aren't staged for a photo shoot". I invited all the women from my Art in the Word Yahoo Group to view my studio after a lively discussion on messy studios. NOTE! IF YOU ARE MY MOTHER, YOU MAY NOT WANT TO VIEW THESE PHOTOS!

Please notice my many attempts at organization- the labeled plastic bins, wire shelving, canvas drawers, magazine folders buried underneath the mess. I'm good at setting the system up, but not good at USING the system!

My favorite pieces in the room are the antique dresser that my Grandpa made and the antique book rack that I picked up along the curb of a shop that was giving it away.

These photos are my BLESSING to you today! May you go back to your own studios feeling better about yourselves!

I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes " HOme is a place for creative Expression, NOT a place to make an IMPRESSION"


jthom03 / Jan Thomason / said...

What a hoot!
Your studio is a...............mess! and I love it! LOL
Sometimes mine gets really bad, but honestly?, you win! hahaha
Go to my blog and see mine as it looks every day when I'm working. I thought it was pretty bad but like I always say, "it could always be worse"....
I feel so good about myself.
(still laughing!)

jthom03 / Jan Thomason / said...

Got your comments on my post about my "messy" studio - thanks.
And yes, I'll come organize your studio - I actually do that sort of thing *for a fee*. You fly me out and I'll do it for free - you really need me! LOL
Hey, I need your email'll see me at
secrets are fun! Jan

kecia said...

that was funny! you are a real one and that is what a studio looks like! (unless you are tim holtz, who has the most immaculate studio!) i need to see some pics of your completed divine shrine projects u made since getting home! please email me your addy to so i can get these doll pages out to you!

Loudlife said...

Lennea - That first picture looks remarkably similar to the way my dining room table and adjacent 2 card tables looked before the big clean-up! The same sort of sloping down to the floor piles of stuff. How can we work if absolutely everything we have isn't within easy arm's reach? Clearly I'm not, since I cleaned up and spread things out!

I'm now going to go tease Jan about her "messy" studio. Hah! She's clearly not in our domestically challenged league. You should see me struggling here to keep things tidy, LOL! You'd think it was rocket science...