Thursday, October 25, 2007


The AMAZING, TALENTED and VERY FUNNY Jan Thomason has presented me with the FIRST EVER CREATIVE SNIT AWARD!!!!!!!!

Unlike many other blogging awards, THIS award requires much thoughtful deliberation and strict adherence to the following CREATIVE SNIT AWARD criteria.

THis award shall be presented only to worthy artists who have shown evidence of being in a creative snit.

To help with the selection, we need a common frame of reference. I found this definition of snit:

a state of agitated irritation; "he was in a snit"

However, I think a CREATIVE SNIT requires a somewhat different defintion:

creative snit
a state of creative chaos, creative frustration, or a state of obsessive creativity: "she was in a creative snit"

Therefore, worthy recipients of this prestigious award should demonstrate one or more of the following criteria:

1) photos of their chaotic creative studio spaces (see my blog for example)
2) reports of staying up till the wee hours of the morning while consuming large amounts of coffee and or chocolate in order to finish a swap or prepare for a show
3) documented frustration over the creative process
4) evidence of a large quantity of art created over a small period of time
5) photos of the recipient at vendor night at any art retreat ( it goes without saying that ALL attendees at such events are either in or will soon be in a creative snit)

6) ( created especially for Jan) witnessing the recipient in a SNIT at a CREATIVE EVENT!

(note: Jan is a lovely, kind and generous person, who would not normally qualify for this award - However after traveling several hours on a plane to Art & Soul, she arrived at the hotel in the wee hours of the morning only to discover that THEY HAD GIVEN HER ROOM AWAY! And didn't have any rooms available! Now, if that's not cause for being in a SNIT, I don't know what is!)

I am quite honored to be the FIRST EVER recipient of this most prestigious award. Thank you Jan!!!

AND now, I award the following AMAZING and TALENTED artists with the INAUGURAL CREATIVE SNIT AWARD!!!!!!!

Jan Thomason for being in a SNIT at a CREATIVE RETREAT and for creating the CREATIVE SNIT AWARD!

Lani Kent who may have first coined the term creative snit and I quote" I always get a bit overstimulated and in a creative snit after those events! It really is amazing..all that creativity in one room!"

Chel Hery who is ALWAYS in a creative snit and graciously writes about if for our amusement

Keesha who , DESPITE being very tired and getting sick, still felt compelled to add all the charms from Art and Soul to her necklace! Read about it here


Congratulations! You have now earned the right to award other artists with this most prestigious award! There is no limit to the number of artists you award this to and there is no time limit on handing out this award. Just please post the CREATIVE SNIT AWARD button on your blog and refer your recipients to this post for more information.

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