Wednesday, May 10, 2006

How much FUN am I having!!!! I just completed an art piece for the artwords challenge. The word for this week is indulgence. I probably have waaaaay to many indulgences : coffee, diet coke, chocolate, midafternoon naps, watching Gilmore Girls, creating art - all when my house is a mess and the kids are having to resort to pulling dirty clothes out of their hampers ( who am I kidding! They don't really use their hampers, they just drop the clothes wherever they take them off!) Now, you may scoff at my lack of domestic discipline, but if you're an artist I KNOW YOU"VE BEEN THERE! WAHAhahahah! I know, because I just spent several hours working on this piece when what I SET OUT to do was clean up my art area!

One of my favorite indulgences though is soaking in a nice hot bath ( with bubbles of course!) My art piece reflects my love of taking baths. I made it from a page out of an altered book I made that I adhered to a broken lid of an antique cigar box. I of course, couldn't just leave it alone! So I added a sofa charm ( curtesy of Becky!) added more layers of rub on metallics and lumiere paint, stuck on some fibers and then added three face cabs (courtesy of Carol AKA IngeniouslyCreative) The text reads "There must be quite a few things a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know many of them." ~Sylvia Plath. The face cabs progress from tense and scarey to beginning relaxation to PURE BLISS! I also journaled on the page " When is indulging self-indulgent and when is it self-preservation?" Of course part of the journaling is covered up with gold lumiere because I also love to indulge in the overuse of Lumiere paints! They're so shiny and translucent and shimmery....

O.k. I'm back. To see GREAT art from other artists press the artwords button to the, YOU"RE LEFT! heehee ( see I know how you all are:)).

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crafty said...

Wow just love this peice........the colours are of one of my favourite hues.
luv yr ATC too.
joan in italy