Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Story of Once Upon a Cottage

Once Upon a Cottage, there lived a woman, her handsome husband, their four adorable children and one Fed Ex ankle biting poodle. Except for the frequent cursings of the Fed Ex guy to the cute and cuddly poodle, they lived a pretty quiet life. Unfortunately, for their small town, the woman found her artistic muse ( or maybe just a midlife crisis) in her late 30's and decided to try her hand at art - in particular, mixed media, altered art ,collage and ATCs. Of course ( she would repeatedly remind her very understanding husband) art requires LOTS of art supplies. So, she gave her index finger daily workouts pointing and clicking on all kinds of lovely art supplies. Thus, came the daily arrival of vintage ephemera, paints, brushes, papers, inks, stamps, books, fibers, charms and such...all brought to her house by the Fed Ex Guy! Now, while the arrival of the Fed Ex guy caused the woman's heart to beat faster in anticipation of new toys to play with, it apparently caused the Fed Ex Guy's heart to beat faster in anticipation of the ankle biting poodle. The dog's bark became louder, the Fed Ex Guy's cursings became louder and the poor town was never quiet again. THE END


Shakeysister said...

Never quiet again? That small town never was really quiet. No. I mean, on the surface it was, but if you held your ear to the ground you could hear a steady humming sound, all hours of the day and night, but it was loudest during the day (when the husbands were at work!). That hum was the sound of gossip. Music to some ears, racket to others, but welcomed by all at some point nevertheless. Now, when this nice lady and her ankle-biting beast came to town, the gossip flew! "Oh, my!", they would say. "That young man got ahold of a red-head this time, he is IN trouble!" And "What's with her and that Fed-Ex man? He always looks so flushed after he leaves her house!" Some of them even commented on the Fed-Ex man's package! Yes, the little old gossips had a grand time of it when our red-headed friend came to town.

Once Upon a Cottage said...

oh, my dear friend you have been gifted with a brilliant evil wit! I always look forward to your comments - they make my day!