Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I've Been Tagged!

Thanks for the tag JoAnna! I love reading these. So Here's mine

Five things in my car:
~tons of maps because I'm directionally impaired
~Bible (also because I'm directionally impaired :)
~umbrella - it rains here ALOT!
~assorted food wrappers ( cuz I'm a slacker mom!)
~jewelry wire ( I have no idea why this is in the car but it's starting to get a nice patina from having coffee and diet coke spilled on it!)

Five things in my purse:
~Receipt from my art booth
~Attain meal replacement bar ( yet another weight loss attempt)
~Prescription for herbal supplements which bears no resemblance to the English Language (hope health store reads drease.)
~cell phone - probably not charged - sorry, Jay
~ coupons that I will never use but feel compelled to stuff in my already too full purse!

Five things in my fridge:
~milk - grows strong bones!
~Cheese -It bag??? - half full ( will blame on youngest child!)
~Half full diet coke
~Assorted fruit in various states of decomposition
~condimetns I never use

Five things in closet:
1 size 2 dress that I keep to remind me that I used to be young and thin!
lots of clothes in various sizes I hope to one day be able to wear again
hundreds of bicycle jerseys ( my hubbies) that he hopes to be able to wear again
shoes with no mates
clothes that look like something my MOTHER WOULD WEAR!!!!AAAHHHHH (run away screaming in terror) Help! I am a Fashion Emergency!

I tag:
Shakey Sister

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Joyful House Farms said...

Oh, Le, your comment about your maps and Bible and being directionally challenged is SO witty and true for me, too! :)