Monday, May 15, 2006


The artwords challenge for this week is balance. I've had balance in my life...for about 1 second - I think I was 6. I was able to balance on a pogo stick for exactly 1 second. So, why do I strive so hard to achieve balance? Life is a balancing act and I'm helplessly uncoordinated. So, here is my submission for balance. It is a woman ( let's call her ME!) trying to balance family, faith, creating, housework, marriage... all while her hormones are all out of balance!

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Izabella said...

Halo! I found you :) I so adore this...I saw it on artwords...such an amazing piece!

I started working on something similar...I think I may have to alter it some more...great minds think alike!

Hope to see more of your art, will come by often to visit :)

xo ~Izabella