Tuesday, May 29, 2007

3.75 days of quiet left

Every year it catches me by surprise. THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. I mean, I know it's coming - and yet, as the day approaches, I find myself going through the stages of grief. Ya know: denial, anger, something, something... I usually make it to acceptance about 2 days before school starts again in August.

I don't know if the last day of school is on the "list of life stressors" ( you know the one, death of a spouse = 10 pts., moving= 9 pts, marriage = 9 pts, etc. etc.) but it should be. I'd give it 8 pts. - only because it doesn't require a funeral or a moving van. It does send me into a state of shock and panic for several weeks.

I admit there are some good things about summer break- sleeping late, no homework to oversee, no daily trips to the school, no rushing to find school shoes in the am. And I really DO like my kids - they're great. I just like them MORE in smaller doses. Does that make me a bad mother? sighhh....

It's just that I really like solitude. I like quiet. I like hours of uninterrupted - whatever.

But, ready or not here it comes. Teenagers draped on the couch or attached to the computer, 8 year old boys running amok thru the house. Food disappearing at alarming rates. Dirty Dishes ALWAYS in the sink. Someone ALWAYS hungry.

As usual, I put all my hope for sanity into church camps, summer gym and sleepovers AT OTHER KIDS HOUSES.

Happy summer, mother's everywhere! May God Bless you and Keep you...


Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Well Lennea, I must say, God Bless YOU! And may your fortitude be strong and serve you well during the summer months! LOL I too am a woman who likes her solitude and you have all my empathy. ;-)

Magic Lantern Musings said...

Gee, for a moment there I thought I was reading my own writing LOL ! Until I remembered we have just the one crazy kid, going into grade 6 and full of beans :) Yes, sweet solitude, something most kids don't understand until much later in years. Oh I love our son so much it drives him crazy ha-ha, but thank goodness for the odd camp break here and there ;) If you need some relief, just shout at me...and I'll shout back lol !