Monday, May 14, 2007


Ok... I've been tagged by Krissy and Laurie (and no, Laurie, I do NOT have to write 14 things!) I am the Queen of my Blog and make my own rules :)! ANYWAY...

7 Random Things about me...

1) I was adopted as a newborn. One of the greatest gifts anyone has given me is the gift of a stable family by my birth mother.

2) I NEVER thought I'd live in a small town. Now, I live in a town of 1200 people. Proof that God has a sense of humor!

3) Tomorrow is a day of mourning for my family. It is the last episode of Gilmore Girls. First Cosby, then Cheers, Seinfeld, Frasier, Friends, Everwood and now this. Oy, with the poodles, Already! ( if you are a fellow Gimore Girls fan, you will get this - if not, you missed out on one of the wittiest, fast talking, best shows ever on tv!)

4) I dream of spending a month alone on a private island. I need a chef and a housekeeper, my books, a ton of art supplies, my Bible and a collection of my favorite cd's. I really love solitude and never have enough of it. When I was a kid, I could spend hours up in my favorite tree, reading or just thinking and dreaming.

5) I take a nap almost every day. I don't apologize for it anymore.

6) I also no longer apologize for my messy house and van. That's the great thing about turning 40 - I no longer feel like I have to apologize for being the real me.

7) My first husband died when I was 31. My kids were 2 months old, 4yrs and 5 yrs. I have never felt God's presence more than that first year after his death. Everything I had come to rely on of this world had fallen away. I had God and my family and friends. And that was enough. Since then, the worries and distractions of this world have crept back into my life. I sometimes miss that bittersweet time in my life. But, I now know that whatever happens, God's strength and grace is enough.


Loudlife said...

Lennea - I take a nap almost every day, too! Even 5 minutes makes me feel better. I'm also terribly messy and greatly relieved to see that someone else is, too.

You're a strong, extraordinary woman's clear even over the computer airwaves (or whatever they are). I don't know that I'd be half the person you are if I lost my husband.

Have a great day - and I'm very sorry about the Gilmore Girls.


Dana said...

Hi Leanna! Thanks for visiting my blog! I am a member of ZNE but had to leave the TALK group for a bit because of some really hectic schedules at home.

I enjoyed reading your 7 things. You have been through a lot ... and sound like a very strong person. I nap, I'm NOT ashamed. It's usually only for 30-45 minutes but it refreshes me and I'm better able to keep the pace up with my busy family because of it. :) I'm not nearly so crabby with everyone if I just get the little rest in the afternoon.

Have a great day ...

kecia said...

love your random facts! such a great way to get to know the inside workings of our friends and how they operate by themselves on a day to day basis(since we see them in small, "social" increments). very interesting! (says the pyschologist in me). and just so you know, i'm a napper too as in my mom and so was my grandma - so i believe it is a hereditary thing!