Friday, April 13, 2007

My new doll celebratin Moms!

I made a new doll today that I just LOVE! I started with old rusted bedsprings for the base and an antique china doll head. I then added nine charms to the base. Two charms are Sally Jean charms from my old boutique with a photo reproduction of a boy taking a bath and a mom. I also added an old fuse collaged with an old dictionary text word "mother", an old fillagree piece, a chandalier crystal, an old button from Grandma's stash, a silver prayer box, and two silver hearts one which has mom etched on it. I draped an antique lace ribbon around the shoulders and through the body and added an old silver button to the bodice. I finished her with an antique key plate for wings. Every mother should have wings!!!

She is for sale at my website


Judy K said...

Great art doll! So much detail to it!

Joanne Huffman said...

Lennea, how cool to find out that you're a fellow doll lover. Your bed spring doll is a delight.

Ruth Rae said...

your doll is so wonderful and the charms hanging from her dress are so inspiring! :)