Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Faith in Things Unseen

Inspiration: Every Spring I eagerly look forward to the first sign of my tulips bursting forth out of the dirt. Every year it seems like a miracle. Underneath the dirt and snow, unseen for most of the year, the tulip bulb shoots forth a tender green tip every Spring. I have experienced this enough that I have faith that the tulip bulbs buried in my garden will produce a beautiful delicate flower every Spring! It's been said that this is what Faith is...the belief in things unseen.

This is a mixed media painting on 8x10" gallery wrapped canvas. The back of the canvas is backed in heavy framing paper and has a hole in the frame for hanging. Signed by me.

Materials used: high quality acrylic paint, graphite, artist papers, layers of glazes, inks, gesso.

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2 Worlds said...

Very beautiful

misspvc said...

Oh Lennea! I just love your piece...and the title is perfect. I tagged you over on my blog so won't you please run over and check it to see you play! Have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Palm Sunday!
huge hugs
Patti V

newcreationart said...

Lennea, I absolutely love this one!

I've been waiting for the snow to melt enough and the ground to unfreeze to see the tulip shoots. I used to live in another apartment here at Youth Haven. The first spring I lived there I started noticing green things that didn't seem to be weeds growing outside my door. What a wonderful surprise to discover that a previous occupier of the apartment had planted tulips and daffodils. That was one of my favorite things about that year.


The Bag Lady's Art said...

Such a lovely springtime piece. Your blog is looking lovely too!