Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A New Adventure!

Exciting News!!!! Deena Warner and Lennea Truesdell have collaborated to create the first online marketplace for independent Christian artists and Crafters.

The new website is called Creative Call Studios and you can preview it here at Each artist will have their own page to sell up to 8 items. You may preview a sample artist page on our website.

The mission of this new website is to
1)Offer consumers one stop shopping for handcrafted arts and crafts from some of the best Christian artists in the country.
2) Shine Christ’s light in the handcrafted marketplace.
3) Provide Christian artists another low-cost venue to market their goods with the benefits of pooled resources for advertising, access to press releases for your local newspaper or church newsletter and banner, hotlink button, avatar, and business card design. Creative Call Studios also has it’s own blog and private Yahoo group for members to share information and ideas.

If you are interested in having your own shop at Creative Call Studios, please e-mail Lennea Truesdell at And I will get you more details on how you can join us in this exciting new venture! Your first month is FREE! to give you a chance to try out this new venue and give us the chance to work out any kinks and get the word out about our site!

I consider this to be a ministry. I have previous experience in owning my own brick and mortar boutique, website, etsy and Ebay shops. I am a design team member for ZNE and a moderator for ZNE network as well as owner of a Yahoo! Group for Christian artists “Art in the Word”. I am volunteering my time and resources to establish this new website and am not looking to make a profit but only to cover ongoing expenses.

Lennea Truesdell

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jthom03 / Jan Thomason / said...

Well, my goodness, look what happens when I leave you alone for just a few days!!! you get into a complete creative snit and open a website!!
ain't you sumthin'!

your new venture sounds amazing and i would love to know more about it.
if you think this is something i would be suited for why, you must get me some information!

i've missed your snitty way, btw.
it's been entirely too long since we've 'talked'.

hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving! jan