Thursday, June 29, 2006

Artwords ~minimalism~

This week's artword - minimalism. I must admit I'm not a big fan of minimalism or contemporary art. I especially don't like bold, primary colors. When I'm 100 and they do the "Lennea Retrospective" they'll call it my "earthy period". heehee. I like sepia, mocha, sage, burgandy, straw - all those nice, calm, muddy colors. These colors suit my personality - laid back, calm, serene. I seek experiences that invoke peacefulness and serenity. I enjoy an occasional splash of color - a yellow rose, an orange sunset, a bright lime - but I live in the calmer colors. So, I knew I wouldn't enjoy using traditional minimalist primary colors. I decided to do minimalism with minimal use of color. I started layering a variety of mocha and straw colored tissue papers. Pretty for a background, but not too exciting. I like to be calm but not in a coma! So, I had to add some gold and amber beads and bits, then decided a bit of mica would look beautiful. I was about to leave it alone when I discovered this piece of old leather stamped with the word treasure. It was just the right shade of brown - so on it went. So here is my entry - not minimalist in the traditional sense of the word perhaps, but minimal in the use of color...and it looks great on my bedroom walls.


Crystal said...

Lennea I'm nodding my head in agreement as I read your thoughts on minimilism! Well done on the finished piece!

Shakeysister said...

Don't let her fool you with her color "minimalism'!
She wears bright orange lace underwear! :)
I'm tagging you! You're IT!